Talent and Recording Artists

The music industry is a highly-competitive business to which many talented artists fall peril. As a state-licensed and bonded talent agency (Fl. Lic. TA1438), The Disomma Agency provides rewarding opportunities to those artists who are not formally represented by a recording label and expends considerable time and effort positioning them to get signed. With our connections and experience in the entertainment industry, we give our music artists a considerable advantage when seeking out a recording contract. Our services include:

  • Advising on an artist’s look, image, and overall brand persona.

  • Promoting and assisting the artist in presenting themselves to music industry executives. Gone are the days of promoting yourself to record labels with a well-performed cover. Today, major labels are looking for performers who fill a niche and have the ability to generate bonafide listeners, views and paid downloads. The Disomma Agency can package your skills in a way that represents a scalable product to anyone looking for that next "360 deal."

  • Music video production and promotion assistance. The Disomma Agency has unmatched resources for the production and launch of music videos of nearly any budget. With a list of skilled DPs, photographers, propmasters and editors, the end product will exceed the expectations of the artist and his/her viewers.

  • Music Video Promotion. The most important element of a music video is getting it seen. The Disomms Agency has relationships with VEVO, Worldstar HipHop and other music and entertainment channels which allow our clients a direct conduit to generate new fans. We have the resources to assist in both the monetization of media and the generation of followers, adding substantial value to even the newest artists in the most competitive genres.

  • Negotiating contracts and handling the artist’s day-to-day business affairs. This includes the management of intellectual property, licensing and registrations, all designed to protect the artists' career interests and overall brand.